Digital Strategy
Enterprise digital strategy for a global not-for-profit organisation.
Stakeholder engagement
Data analysis and modelling
Workshop facilitation
Competitive review
Maturity model
Project sequencing and roadmap


This leading globally federated international development organisation was faced with growing needs for its services while experiencing decline in regular giving, which accounts for 80% of revenue.

While the organisation invested significantly in digital, it lacked a overarching global strategy to support development of efficiencies and improved fundraising performance. It also knew it need to transform for the decade to come.

Awe were engaged to lead the process and develop an enterprise digital strategy to guide investment and help the organisation achieve their objectives.


Drawing on our experience working with large international development organisations, we understood a collaborative approach would be needed to gain input from stakeholders across the organisation. To do this in a focused way, we established a core working group and split the project into three streams; data, technology, and supporter experience.

The approach we used was to break the project into stages:

  1. Looking in: Current state analysis
  2. Looking out: Competitive review and landscape analysis
  3. Strategy: Ran a series of workshops to help work streams and core working group make strategic decisions.
  4. Roadmap: Prioritised and sequenced initiatives with forecast milestones and success measures
  5. Presentation: Supported the core working group to present the strategy to leaders and stakeholders across the organisation

The strategy was well received and adopted. Implementation of the roadmap is well underway with a number of global projects already demonstrating strong return on investment. Improvement to supporter experience have also contributed to 7% growth in fundraising.